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3DR Pro Bundle Deals

3DR Pro Bundle

Item : - 3DR Solo Quadcopter- 3DR Solo GimbalCINEMATIC MADE AUTOMATIC3DR has created the one a..

Rp. 10,000,000 Rp. 7,000,000

DJI 1360T Quick-Release Propellers for Inspire 1

Including a pair of propellers, one clockwise replacement propeller and one counter-clockwise replac..

Rp. 290,000

DJI Focus Motor Expansion Module (5.8G)

The DJI Focus Expansion Module is used to extend the communication distance of the DJI Focus when us..

Rp. 2,430,000

DJI Focus Motor Expansion Module Power & data Cable

When using the DJI Focus with the Matrice 600 and Ronin-MX, the Ronin-MX can provide power and signa..

Rp. 900,000

DJI Focus Remote Controller Only

·         Up to 330 Line-of-Sight Range·   &..

Rp. 13,480,000

DJI Inspire Part 44 Remote Controller Strap

Apply with Inspire 1 Remoter controller. Its ergonomic design ease the pressure to the cervical vert..

Rp. 150,000

DJI Osmo Base

The Osmo Base is used to fix the Osmo on tables or other level surfaces so that it remains stable wi..

Rp. 150,000

DJI Osmo Part 12 Intelligent Battery Charger

Built for use with the Osmo Intelligent Battery.Input        ..

Rp. 290,000

DJI Osmo Part 44 DJI FM-15 Flexi Microphone

The FM-15 Flexi Microphone can be plugged into the Osmo’s external microphone input. The microphone ..

Rp. 150,000

DJI Osmo Part 52 Battery Checker

Osmo Battery Checker is used to check remaining power of the Osmo battery. Insert Osmo battery into ..

Rp. 140,000

DJI Osmo Part 57 Osmo PRO/RAW Z-Axis

The Osmo Pro/RAW Z-Axis can significantly reduce vertical shaking from natural arm movements when wa..

Rp. 2,700,000

DJI Osmo Part 6 Universal Mount

Add an extra microphone or an LED light to your Osmo. SpecificationsDimensions: 84 mm x 30 mm x..

Rp. 370,000

DJI Osmo Part 66 DJI Focus- Osmo Pro/ Raw Adaptor Cable (2m)

Connect the communication ports on the Focus Remote Controller and the Osmo - X5 Adapter using the D..

Rp. 590,000

DJI Osmo Part 79 Chest Strap Mount

The Chest Strap Mount attaches the Osmo to your chest...

Rp. 890,000