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Slider & Dolly

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ATTanta Slider SL-A60

ATTANTA SL-A60 Camera Slider 60cm ATTANTA camera slider is a unique linear video camera slider i..

Rp. 1,050,000

ATTanta Slider SL-A80

ATTANTA SL-A80 Camera Slider 80cm Colour: Black Size: 800 x 170 x 70 mm ATTANTA camera slide..

Rp. 1,200,000

Benro Slider Move Over12 C12D9

Benro MoveOver12 35.4" Dual Carbon Rail Slider with Flywheel Pro..

Rp. 9,200,000

E-IMAGE ES120 48 Carbon Fiber Slider

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS- Use in Multiple Modes of Operation- 15 lb Payload- Flywheel Belt-Drive System- A..

Rp. 6,580,000

E-IMAGE ES35 Double Slider

ES-35 is the smaller version of E-Image's Double Sliders with a 35 cm length. If mounted on a trip..

Rp. 2,490,000

E-IMAGE ES50 Double Slider

ES-50 is the bigger version of E-Image's Double Sliders with a 50 cm length. If mounted on a tripod..

Rp. 2,790,000



SpecificationsMaximum diameter: 950mmMinimum diameter: 60mmMaximum tube diameter: 32mmMaximum Height..

Rp. 3,490,000 Rp. 1,370,000

iFootage S1 Shark Slider

A great all-rounder, user’s favouriteiFootage understands that the users experience with regards to ..

Rp. 8,450,000

iFootage S1A1 Wireless Motion Controller System

Wireless motion controlThanks to the S1A1, the iFootage Shark Slider is motion control ready. The si..

Rp. 13,200,000

Kamerar Big Slider 100cm / PSL-40

Yes, Size Does Matter.Custom designed from the ground up, a unique rail system exclusively manufactu..

Rp. 4,300,000