Light Stand

Light Stand

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E-Image LS-01 Portable

The LS01 light stand features a design that can be folded down to 49cm, making it easy to carry an..

Rp. 500,000

Takara Background Bracket Stand Kit BSK-1

Takara BSK-1 Background Bracket Stand Kit 1Max Height: 250 cm Max Width: 270 cm  Max ..

Rp. 350,000

Takara Frame Stand FS 223A

Specifications:- Max Weight : 7kg- Folded Length : 59cm- Max Length : 1.7 m- FlipLock System..

Rp. 190,000

Takara Light Stand LBK-1

Takara LBK-1 Light Stand Boom Arm Kit 1Max Height: 250cm Folded Height: 90cm Max Load: 5kg..

Rp. 230,000

Takara Light Stand Spirit 0

Light stand adalah peralatan fotografi yang berfungsi menopang lampu/flash saat sesi foto, dapat dig..

Rp. 125,000